Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Future of Technology: What to Look Forward To (Google Glass, XboxOne, PS4, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, iPhone 5C and Ultra HD)

A list of products set for release soon and a rating on how excited I am to get my hands on them.

Google Glass

Set for release to consumers in 2014, the Google glass is a head mounted, wearable computer system that when connected to a smart-phone allows a 'hands free' communication with the internet using voice commands. The Google glass displays visual information in the optical head mounted display allowing the user to view images through the glass. The unit also has an inbuilt camera, allowing images and videos to be taken through the product. This feature has sparked privacy questions about the Google glass and some places have banned the product before its release to consumers! 'Explorer editions' of the Google glass were released early for test users, allowing the product to be fully reviewed and lots of publicity and advertising through outlets such as YouTube. The price set for release is $500-$300 and I have to say this is not something I am eager to purchase and I don't see the appeal for a mass market. Excitement rating, 4/10.

Xbox one

The next member of the Xbox family is the Xbox One, set for release on November 22nd ready for Christmas and one week behind of its main rival the Playstation 4. The main features of the Xbox One are the new AMC processors in the console which increases the performance from is predecessor the Xbox 360. The Xbox One also integrates the Kinect capability which allows users to interact physically with games and make video calls with the inbuilt Skype capability. The largest criticism about the Xbox One is the fact all games will need to be downloaded from the Xbox store rather than a physical copies purchased.This will change the resell market for games and may affect the popularity of the Xbox One. This console will do well as Xbox loyalists are sure to buy it, but will it out compete the PS4? Excited? 6/10.


Set for release the week before the Xbox One, Christmas 2013 will be the chosen battleground for the grand slam between these two heavyweight consoles. The PS4 will also contain AMD processors, a camera system for motion control and the new dualshock 4 controllers. Sony plan to make more emphasis on the social side of gaming by including a share button on the new controller and allowing the connection of other devices such as smart phones and tablets to enhance gameplay. This console is more attractive to me as a Playstation fan, but I haven't out grown the PS4 yet so would need a big step up to sway me to purchase the new console. Really excited for this one, 8/10.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung have just announced the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch that will allow the user to connect to a Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 and view and use applications form the smartphone. Pipping Apple to the Post for the watch style smart product, Samsung have announced this product to avoid any more law suits. Looks like an interesting product, but similarly to the Google glass, it doesn't seem to have much of a market or use? 2/10.

Iphone 5C

The newest iPhone to the family, the iPhone 5C is going to be the first budget apple product. As the phone is set to be announced on September 10th, not much information is available on the product but it rumours have suggested the phone will be available in a range of bright colours and set to 'Brighten everyone's day'. Excited to see this product and I'm sure Apple will claim yet another market for themselves, 6/10.

Ultra HD and 4K Televisions

Ultra HD TV's available in 4K (2160p) and 8K (4320p), are the new range of TV's to take over the HD market. With an LG 84" TV being £16,999 form Curry's, the market for household TV's is probably not ready for television's at this size and price, but the technology behind these televisions will soon be reduced in size to allow for household TV's to include this technology. This product is the one I am most excited about and can really change the TV market in a way that 3D TV's failed to do, 9/10. (Here is a bonus brilliant video showing the power of ultra HD).

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